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Tech Council member AJI Software hosts GeekLunch 2013.0 | Oct. 16


AJI Software will host GeekLunch 2013.0 on Oct. 16, 2013. GeekLunch is a quarterly event hosted by AJI. This month’s focus will be on Agile Requirements. Click here to read more and to register. Read more »

“Entrepreneur KC” show spotlight on Bill Graff, Josiah James of Cerner


KCnext President Ryan Weber co-hosts the “Entrepreneur KC” radio show with Jason Grill. Read more to hear a conversation with Bill Graff and Josiah James of Cerner. Read more »

Sprint Accelerator: What does it mean for KC?


Applications are officially open for the Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars, one of the most prestigious accelerators in the country. KCnext President Ryan Weber outlines what the announcement of the Sprint-Techstars partnership means for Kansas City. Read more »

The Cloud: Puppies and Cattle


Tony Lux, a solutions architect at LightEdge Solutions, shares insight and a simple analogy to better understand the cloud and some of the benefits that come along with it. Read more »

"Entrepreneur KC" Show Spotlights Kansas City Tech


KCnext President Ryan Weber recently joined Jason Grill, host of the “Entrepreneur KC” radio show on KMBZ 1660 AM, to talk all things Kansas City tech. Check out the first segment of the show, where Ryan and Jason discussed Kansas City’s unique technology ecosystem. Read more »

Privacy vs. Security: The Important Difference


Chris Cooley of SpiderOak makes the important distinction between privacy and security. Because of recent events, these concepts are at the forefront of technology conversation today. Get Chris’ advice on how best to apply lessons learned to your clients and vendors. Read more »

KCnext Seeks Production Company for Tech Assets Video

KCnext is seeking proposals from qualified firms for a video project to showcase the technology assets of the Kansas City region. Read more »

Inside KCnext: Organizational Goals


KCnext President Ryan Weber opens up about KCnext’s organizational goals, starting with membership retention. Get his take on the importance of KCnext’s relationships with its member-companies. Read more »

Securing a Meeting With a Top Exec – What To Avoid


Bill Graff is senior vice president of Cerner Technology Services at Cerner Corporation and a member of the KCnext Board of Directors. In his 17 years of industry experience, he has been on both sides of a pitch meeting. Here, he shares his advice on getting a meeting with a key executive and what not to do. Read more »

Impossible? How to Secure a Meeting With a Key Executive


Bill Graff is senior vice president of Cerner Technology Services at Cerner. As an experienced tech professional, he has experience on both sides of a pitch meeting. Here, he provides tips for getting on the calendar of a busy executive to pitch your product, idea or service. Next week, he’ll specify things to avoid if you want to land a meeting with a decision-maker. Read more »